ST275 men’s Special Surgical Wear

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[ Chedd275 ]
fabric Color

√ The color can be varied with brightness of monitor, light and shade.
fabric characteristics
high-quality functional fabrics Recovery (antibacterial yarn aerosilver aerosilver 45%, rayon 21%, polyeste 31%, ontaining elastic pv rubber (spandex) 3%)
  • This is a highly functional fabric developed only for good uniforms after trial and error.
  • As it is a fabric developed to reflect the inconvenience caused by using the old technique of good uniforms,
    it is highly satisfied when buying and wearing it.
  • It is hygienic with an outstanding anti-bacterial effect of 99.99 % on staphylococcus and pneumonia germs,
    and is optimized as a hospital muscle suit.
  • No need to iron as it has a small form of wrinkles and wrinkles.
  • It absorbs and releases sweat as quickly as sportswear, making it comfortable throughout the entire four seasons.
  • It is comfortable to wear even with span-like designs, making it easy to wear slim, pretty and active.
  • It is soft and light, not stiff like a regular surgical suit fabric.
  • Unlike other vendors, the slim design is made up of a lightweight, spanish-friendly good material for recovering good uniforms.
  • We ask for dark colors NavyR 148, methyl BlueR 156, and Jinbora R14 to be washed separately during the first wash.


 This is the best functional textile, Recovery, differentiated from other companies’ textiles. The best experimentally developed functional textiles are only at Good Uniform. You will be satisfied when you buy and wear Good Uniform because you're suggestions have contributed to the development of these textiles.

  • durable and definite antibacterial effect
    It is optimal hygienic hospital wear with a 99.9% antibacterial effect against staphylococcus aureus, pneumonia virus, MRSA and so on containing a component of silver (Ag).
  • outstanding absorption of sweat and fast perspiration function
    The aerosilver antibacterial yarn helps you feel fresh with fast perspiration absorption so it may often be used during sports and leisure.
  • wrinkle –free, softness, comfortable to wear
    You may comfortably wear it without ironing due to it's wrinkle-free material.
  • comfortable spandex and not thick fabric
  • Even though it is tight spandex, it is easy to wear and look slim, stylish, and active because we use a light, non-thick fabric unlike the usual rough surgical fabric.
  • You may look slim because of Good Uniform's stretchy Recovery textile fabric.
other scrub uniform comparison Good Uniform’s functional scrub uniform
65% Polyester and 35% cotton,
or 100% cotton
comparison Recovery fabric with aerosilver
antibacterial yarn
nothing UV protection 99.9% UV-A/UV-B Protection
nothing Antibacterial effect Combined with aerosilver containing
silver (Ag),
causing a 99.9% antibacterial effect
against staphylococcus aureus, pneumonia
They can stretch but the cloth is thick and
uncomfortable to wear and take off.
So they should make the cloth larger.
stretchiness Comfortably stretches and is light so you can
enjoy a slim fit
Hot in summer Sweat absorption
and drying
Aerosilver, frequently used in sports wear,
has a high absorbency of
sweat and quick drying ability
Dark Silver R192 - Chedd275

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