SJ308 Scrub Jacket

SJ308 Scrub Jacket

Price $35.30
Origin Korea

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Fabric Color


√ The color can be varied with brightness of monitor, light and shade.
fabric characteristics
Polyester 100%
  • It is durable, the fabric is tough, and resistant to friction.
  • It is low in absorption, so there is no deformation after washing and it dries quickly.
  • It doesn't wrinkle easily, so you rarely need ironing.
  • It is safe from light because it is less discolored by ultraviolet light.
  • No fungus or pests can stay.
  • Be careful of hot washing and ironing since it is strong but weak in heat.
SJ308 Scrub Jacket - Navy






SJ308 Scrub Jacket - Mint



SJ308 Scrub Jacket - Blue





SJ308 Scrub Jacket - Indi Pink



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